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Call Tracking for Healthcare

It’s no secret that the healthcare sector is a fast-paced vertical. Scheduling appointments, addressing patient questions, advising patients, taking follow-ups, and documenting patients are all responsibilities that must be completed simultaneously daily.As a result, healthcare companies must rely on modern technology to ensure the seamless operation of their processes and to avoid unnecessary interruptions along the way. In this piece, we’ll explore how call tracking software, such as the Call Logic call distribution platform from Phonexa, improves customer satisfaction while simplifying the organization and storage of vital medical information. Importance of Inbound Calls Some patients will check their symptoms directly on the WebMD website, while others will opt to apply for health

Quest Diagnostics Launched New HCV Test to Help Screen Pregnant Patients

Less Than 41% Of Pregnant People Were Screened for HCV in 2021 In 2019, Quest Diagnostics and hc1, the bioinformatics leader in precision testing, unveiled Quest® Lab StewardshipTM, powered by hc1®, an innovative new service that employs machine learning to harmonize laboratory testing across health systems in order to help optimize laboratory test utilization. Now, the company developed a new test panel to include HCV antibody testing with reflex to quantitative real-time PCR, in response to findings from a Quest Diagnostics Health Trends® study, published in Obstetrics & Gynecology in June 2022. According to this peer reviewed study, less than 41% of pregnant people were screened for HCV in 2021, based on Quest Diagnostic’s laboratory testing of more than 5 million pregnant patients.

New NYU Abu Dhabi Research Could Make Cancer Treatments More Efficient

The findings will help in the development of drugs that could increase the effectiveness of existing treatments A team led by Professor of Biology, Senior Vice Provost of Research at NYU Abu Dhabi, and UAE national Sehamuddin Galadari, has discovered a novel structural modification in AMP-activated protein kinase

Cardiology leaders eye technology to deal with tsunami of heart disease post-COVID and beyond

Philips’ Future Health Index 2022 Report - the result of an independent survey of almost 3,000 healthcare leaders across 15 countries - offers compelling evidence that cardiology leaders recognize the potential of technologies such as telehealth and artificial intelligence (AI) to extend patient care beyond their facilities. Over one-quarter (28%) of those surveyed considered extending care beyond their facilities one of their top priorities. At the same time, almost as many (27%) reported that improving technology infrastructure within their facility was a priority - significantly more than the global average (19%) for all categories of healthcare leaders surveyed. Amid growing evidence that the SARS-CoV-2 virus at the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic may result in long-term cardiovascular

Kazakhstan experts talks about innovative approaches in neurosurgery field

In the regions of the country there are more than fifty neurosurgical departments, where the transfer of the latest technologies is carried out on an ongoing basis. A three-day International Neurosurgical Forum ended in the capital, which was attended by leading neurosurgeons from 15 foreign countries. One of the
Medical Equipment

Scientists Develop Microscopy Technology

With organoids to model early growth, scientists employed a developing microscopy technology to observe that new neurons find it hard to reach their developmental goal. Using an advanced microscopy approach, researchers at The Picower Institute for Learning and Memory at MIT have seen how newborn neurons struggle to attain their appropriate places in developed human brain tissue models of Rett syndrome, thereby generating a new understanding of how developmental deficits noticed in the patients’ brains with the disturbing disorder may emerge. Mutations in the gene MECP2 are responsible for Rett syndrome—characterized by indications that include severe intellectual disorder and weakened social behavior. To attain fresh insight into the way the mutation impacts the beginning stages of human

Smart Socks Help Prevent Falls Among At-Risk Patients

Researchers at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center have tested the PUP (Patient is Up) Smart Socks, developed by a medtech company called Palarum, in their ability to reduce falls among at-risk patients.
Product Focus

CT scans set to take flight in new project that aims to integrate imaging into air ambulances

The advancement of medical imaging has taken off exponentially over the last decade. With virtually limitless potential, experts are now banking on the specialty’s ability not just to take off, but to lift off—into the air, to be more specific. Efforts to advance Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) are focusing on the potential utility of integrating advanced medical imaging into the far-reaching flights that cater to rural populations. In collaboration with Airbus, the Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation is spearheading efforts to incorporate CT scanners into emergency helicopters. The Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation was the very first operator to receive the new five-bladed H145 at the end of 2020. In close collaboration with Airbus, the Foundation uses it for various research

What is Orthopedic Equipment?

Orthopedics is a medical specialty that is focused on the musculoskeletal system, which includes bones, tendons, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, and nerves. This branch of study is named from the combined Greek words ortho and pais, meaning “straight" and “children,” respectively. While many people tend to think

Insomnia drug maker Idorsia amps up awareness push with eye-opening Alliance for Sleep survey

Idorsia created the Alliance for Sleep just a few months ago, but the team have hit the ground running, publishing a new report with some eye-opening insights on the effects of insomnia. The Alliance for Sleep, a sort of insomnia-focused think tank, was born while Idorsia was still awaiting approval for its sleep drug daridorexant. Now approved under the brand name Quviviq, the drug is rolling out in the U.S.—and so is the alliance's new report, aimed at raising awareness about chronic sleep problems. Based on The Wake-Up America Survey, the report says 70% of people with trouble sleeping are desperate to find a solution, spending more than $7 billion on sleep aids annually to improve their sleep. But there's an "insomnia conversation gap" between patients and their doctors, the survey


Thrombolytics, or clot-busting drugs, get rid of blood clots that keep oxygen from reaching your vital organs. Providers can give you thrombolytics at the hospital or in an ambulance when you’re having a heart attack or stroke. This keeps the clot from doing more damage and gives you a better chance at surviving and

FDA approves J&J's allergy-fighting contact lens infused with an antihistamine

The FDA has approved its first contact lens that comes equipped with its own antihistamine to help fight off eye itchiness caused by allergies during everyday wear. Johnson & Johnson Vision Care’s Acuvue Theravision lenses are laden with ketotifen, the same drug used in a variety of eye drops for taming reactions to
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The COVID-19 pandemic was an accelerator of shifting consumer preferences and care-delivery innovation. See how, by embracing a digital mindset, health systems can transform their relationship with consumers.

Executive summary The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the convergence of several trends in the health care industry, particularly consumers prioritizing convenience and access to care. Leading health systems view digital transformation as a way to become more consumer-friendly while simultaneously changing their operations, culture, and use of technology. The Deloitte Center for Health Solutions collaborated with the Scottsdale Institute to better understand how health systems are using digital to transform health care. To understand the digital transformation journey of health systems, we engaged Scottsdale Institute members in multipronged research: We conducted a survey of technology executives of 25 health systems, interviewed five health system technology leaders, and facilitated a

Lipid nanoparticles carry gene-editing cancer drugs past tumor defenses

As they grow, solid tumors surround themselves with a thick, hard-to-penetrate wall of molecular defenses. Getting drugs past that barricade is notoriously difficult. Now, scientists at UT Southwestern have developed nanoparticles that can break down the physical barriers around tumors to reach cancer cells. Once
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A new technology to counter iron deficiency

A new technology to counter iron deficiency Sucrosomial® iron is an innovative oral iron technology, in which ferric pyrophosphate (trivalent iron) is transported within a matrix of phospholipids and sucrose esters of fatty acids. This structure, called Sucrosome®, allows high absorption of iron and optimal gastrointestinal tolerability. Iron deficiency (ID) Iron is an essential element for the body. It promotes the formation of hemoglobin and myoglobin, supports the immune system and normal cognitive function as well as supporting growth in children and adolescents. The causes that can lead to the increase in the need for iron are different, but, in all cases, it is necessary to restore the body’s balance of this nutrient in order to facilitate certain normal physiological functions of

Multivitamin/mineral Supplements

What is multivitamin/mineral (MVM) dietary supplements? Multivitamin/mineral (MVM) supplements contain a combination of vitamins and minerals, and sometimes other ingredients as well. People refer to them by many names, including multis and multiples or simply vitamins. Each of the vitamins and minerals in MVMs have a
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Middle East’s largest AI-based digital health platform raises $44 million in Series B funding

Altibbi’s offering into online pharmacy and diagnostics to establish the region’s first end-to-end, fully integrated digital primary healthcare offering. The Middle East’s largest AI-based digital health platform, Altibbi, has raised $44 million in Series B funding, making it the largest single financing round for a regional digital health company. The round brings together a number of strategic and financial investors. The heavily oversubscribed round was led by Foundation Holdings, Hikma Ventures, and existing investors Global Ventures and DASH Ventures. Investment bank Awad Capital was the exclusive advisor to Altibbi for the transaction. Raising more than $50 million in funds since its founding in 2011, Altibbi’s diverse shareholder base also includes high-profile investors such as
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How to Spot and Treat Eye Cancer

Dr. Ziad Bashshur, visiting Ophthalmologist specialising in Medical and Surgical Retina at Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai shares how to spot and treat eye cancer. Eye cancers vary and can range from ocular surface tumours that can be malignant or benign to intraocular tumours that develop inside the eye. These abnormal growths can arise from the eye (primary) or spread to the eye from cancers elsewhere in the body. This process is known as metastatic. Eye cancer is not age-related, but different types of cancer are likely to occur at a higher or lower frequency depending on age. In children, the most common eye cancer is called retinoblastoma, an eye cancer that begins in the retina, and it can be caused by an inherited gene mutation that occurs in 1 out of 15,000 live births. In adults,

Cleveland Clinic Unveils Top 10 Medical Innovations For 2021

An up-and-coming gene therapy for blood disorders. A new class of medications for cystic fibrosis. Increased access to telemedicine. These are some of the innovations that will enhance healing and change healthcare in the coming year, according to a distinguished panel of clinicians and researchers from a top American

Five treatment options for Keratoconus

The word Keratoconus comes from two Greek words: kerato (cornea) and konos (cone). Keratoconus is a degenerative disorder of the eye in which the shape of the cornea, which is usually round, is distorted and develops a cone-shaped bulge, resulting in reduced vision. Keratoconus is a relatively common condition. It

Reuters Digital Health forum to bring together global leaders on the transformative potential of technology in healthcare

Over 30 C-suite and board level leaders from Ascension, Providence, Humana, Bon Secours Mercy Health, and others will come together in San Diego on April 26 to discuss the transformative potential of technology in U.S. healthcare delivery, hosted by Reuters Events. Following a turbulent period felt by the industry, the world-leading forum will bring together executives from health systems, payers, policy makers, pharma, and health tech to share ideas, innovations, and collective strategies. Across two days, the event will focus on ways to strengthen the delivery of quality virtual, predictive, affordable, and equitable care over the next 12 months. Among the speakers are: Dr Vivek Garg, Chief Medical Officer & Senior VP, Primary Care, Humana Laura Smith, Chief Information Officer,



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